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Terry Bryan Wellness & Training Center

About Terry Bryan Wellness & Training

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“Everything is good but nothing is good for long.”


Terry Bryan’s unique 26 Week Controlled Confusion Program will help you get fit and stay fit. This program, while only doing the same workout twice in a year, creates variety in the workout on a weekly basis so you can maximize your development with a minimal amount of stress on your joints. These different workouts provide changes in sets, reps, and tempo on the platform of fast twitch and slow twitch muscle. All groups are small limited to only 10 members, so you get personalized training at an affordable cost.


No matter what fitness level you are coming from let Terry Bryan Wellness and Training set you on the path to success. Stop in today or call us to get started now on your free 14 days of training and let us “Change Your Life One Workout at a Time!”

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Changing Your Life One Workout At A Time


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  • Address: 7791 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH 45236
  • Phone: (513) 793-7867
  • Email: tim@terrybryantraining.com